Please send to customers the price list of cheap Vinhomes Riverside villas.
–  Single villa: area from 320m2 – 370m2 super nice frontage, near the park, super beautiful flower garden, 4.5 floors, Price from 4 x – 5 x billion.
– Duplex villa, built 3.5 floors. Area from 150 – 250m2, Price 2X – 3 x billion.
–  Adjacent villa area 90m2 – 150m2. Beautifully finished house, fully furnished with super beautiful European furniture. Price 2 X billion.
The facilities residents enjoy: BBQ grill, swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court,…, 5-star house service, Vinmec hospital, Vinmart supermarket, near Vinshool school, salon, pharmacy, Breakfast, coffee at home.
– The legal procedure to transfer the apartment name quickly and safely for customers.
– For any information, please contact us directly for a free consultation.
– Bank support up to 70%.
Please contact immediately 0929.313.333 for direct consultation

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